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Camping At The Beach Can Be Great Fun For The Entire Family

by Gray Rollins

Most people think about the mountains or forests for camping. However, camping on the beach can be a great alternative. The sand and water provide plenty of activities for summertime fun. This can be a great bonding experience for the entire family.

Many public beaches do not allow camping, so do some research before making a trek. There are a lot of places where camping is allowed, though. Research the areas you are considering before choosing a place, as there may be some restrictions. Many places have rules as far as what vehicles are allowed on the beach, if any. There may also be restrictions on materials that are allowed. Many beaches do not allow bottles because of the danger of glass breakage. You may also have particular fire restrictions where fires are allowed only in certain places or under specific conditions.

The beach can provide a lot of fun activities. Have a sand castle building contest where the most unique and well-built castle wins a prize. Swimming is a lot of fun but make sure you are aware of any warning signs that are posted and do not use inflatable floats in high surf. Boogey boarding and surfing are great fun and many areas will have lessons for those who are new to it. Often there are rental stands for jet skis and boats as well. Snorkeling or scuba diving will provide you a view of undersea life. Pack some books of sea creatures native to the area to look up what they are when you see them.

Make sure you pay attention to any posted warning signs. These may caution against tides, currents, sharks or environmental dangers which could endanger your life. Do not swim if there are posted signs and always be aware of your surroundings. Remember that the sun reflecting off the water intensifies the exposure so wear plenty of sunscreen and reapply often.

The temperature near the water drops substantially at night, so even if it is very hot during the day, pack warmer clothes for night time. Be aware of tides and set up camp so that you have plenty of room between your site and the water. Nothing can ruin a camping experience faster then getting awakened by the tide entering your tent or washing away your belongings.

Cooking at the beach is a great time to get out the seafood and grill shrimp, crabs, lobster or fish. Sitting around a cozy fire with the sun setting and the ocean as a back drop is a relaxing and enjoyable time. Be a considerate camper and remember that other people will use the facilities. When you leave the area, make sure you leave nothing behind, all fires are completely out, and everything is cleaned.

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