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How the Ladies Can Play Bowling

There is something that I would like to recommend for the ladies compared to the gents the way they should play the game. Their body movements, their delivery steps, etc. And the ladies should remember that the faults they commit are common thing they will find even when the men are playing. FOOTWORK Let's consider the matter of footwork.

For the average woman bowler, I do not recommend a three-step delivery, because she cannot get enough body into her delivery and, as a result, her right arm and shoulder have to do all the work. She gets tired, the ball gets away from her, her accuracy suffers, and she becomes a little discouraged. I recommend a four-step delivery for women.

If you should happen to be the short or petite type, perhaps five steps would be advisable, because of the additional momentum you can gain with the added step. It does happen occasionally that a large, powerful woman can use a three-step delivery, but even she probably would be better off with four or five steps. If you have a backup, eliminate it. You can use either a "lift" action or roll a ball with a natural hook.

You will become consistent quicker if you get away from the backup delivery entirely, and you will tire less easily. Good timing is even more essential for women than for men. The latter, being heavier, have better balance at the foul line. Women, especially in the learning stage, frequently tend to get off balance at the line. With better timing, you have more natural speed without effort, you are more graceful, and your delivery is smoother.

You look better and feel better all around. You tire less quickly, and your fingers and wrists do not become sore or strained as they do with poor timing. So work hard on that phase of your game. COMMON FAULTS I have listed below some of the more common faults of women bowlers and the reasons for them.

Not enough backswing. It seems the ladies are afraid of dropping the ball in back of them, or of hitting their legs with the ball, or having the ball pull them off balance. They also fear that they will thump the ball onto the alley, or that their thumbs and fingers will not slip out of the ball. Going to the foul line too fast Many women, because they feel that the spectators' eyes are on them, try to "get out of the spotlight" and have it over with, so they race up to the foul line.

Others think that they must run fast to give speed to the ball. But going too fast causes them to "throw" the ball, thus forcing them to finish out of position and off balance. Trying to bowl unnaturally This means trying to release the ball at the foul line without bending, trying to take big steps out of all proportion to one's natural stride (for example, big steps for a small girl), or trying to throw a hard, fast ball when one's size or strength does not warrant it. Releasing the ball behind the foul line This usually results from improper timing, or perhaps because the ball may be too heavy and is released before the player actually intends that it should be. Playing strike or spare shots from wrong angles For example, a right-handed bowler bowling from the left side or a backup bowler bowling straight down the middle, shooting the 10-pin from the right side or the 7-pin from the left (trying to "ride the last board" all the way down on either of these shots). The above common faults are not only what the ladies makes when playing the game of bowling.

The faster you learn to correct them the better you will perform in the delivering your balls. That you will be able to improves faster when you will identify your flaws and works to correct them with some of the advices that we have provided here.

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How the Ladies Can Play Bowling - There is something that I would like to recommend for the ladies compared to the gents the way they should play the game.

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