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Nanny Cams Are A Must For Parents

I do not know how many times I have watched those disturbing videos of babysitters, family members, or any other animal who are violently shaking newborns, infants, or young children around trying to get them to stop crying or simply because they are frustrated with them. This is no way to treat a child, and everybody who is caught doing so should face a brutal jail sentence. The problem these days is that very few of them are actually caught on tape, so who knows how many other children this is happening to that the parents do not know about. That is where it is up to you, us, the parents of these children to take matters into our own hands and stop this.

Nanny Cams are a must in todays society. Even one incident a year, although very low, is way too many incidents. What if your child is that one? I am newly married and will soon be having children and I know that I would be irate, and disgusted, if anything like this were to happen to my child. I would be equally irate if I was unable to catch these abusers red-handed.

Every year children are admitted to hospitals for what doctors call Shaken Baby Syndrome. This comes from caregivers violently shaking your child and as a result their bodies and little heads, some of them not fully developed, are whip-lashed back and forth and side to side at a very high rate of speed and for an extended period of time. Even one shake is too much. Babysitters and live in nannys are pretty popular jobs these days, and there is no way around it unless you never leave your child alone or always bring them to the restaurants or to the movie theatre with you. We all know how much of a burden and an annoyance that can be, whether you have a kid or not. The people reading this with no kids know how much fun a screaming child can be when you are trying to eat or watch a movie and those people with kids knows how difficult it is to control a screaming child when you are out for the evening.

That is why hiring a babysitter is a better alternative. No matter how well you feel that you know your babysitter, or how long they have been working for you, you should never feel safe not knowing exactly what is going on. Even if you choose to allow a family member watch your child, like an uncle or aunt, you need to know what is going on so you can prevent any wrongdoing from happening again and again. A newborn or young child is not going to say anything, and a babysitters word against that of a childs is not going to hold up well in a police interview or court. This is where proof is needed.

Nanny Cams can come in all different types of shapes and sizes ranging from teddy bears to books to mirrors. All of these cameras are items that are not out of the ordinary and will not stand out. You can find hidden cameras in almost anything these days. Hidden cameras are so small they are virtually invisible to a naked eye.

I have seen hidden cameras that are in the disguise of dust busters, a back pack and even a can of Pringles. You can turn anything into a hidden camera with a small wireless camera and something to watch your results on. How do hidden cameras work? A small board camera is built into an everyday item. The camera can be wired which means it is connected to the DVR or VCR using a cable.

The camera can also be wireless, in this case the camera transmits a signal to a receiver that is connected to the DVR or VCR. When buying a nanny cam, or hidden camera, you need to keep in mind what it is that you want to accomplish with it, and you need to keep it what it is, a hidden camera. If you child never plays with stuffed animals then chances are you do not want a stuffed animal hidden camera. This is especially true if your babysitter or nanny would have the desire to play with it and move it, therefore taking it out of position. A wall clock, a mirror or even a book would probably be your best bet for this kind of situation. There are so many types to choose from though you will not have a problem finding one that is right for you.

I came across one website that had over 70 to choose from. Nanny Cams run in the neighborhood of the low 100s to upwards of 500 dollars. This allows people of all budgets to easily purchase one.

All hidden cameras need a receiver to capture and watch the video, and almost all 2.4 megahertz cameras come with free receivers, normally saving you about 160 dollars. Remember, for anything kind of charges to be pursued against a babysitter, nanny, or unruly family member for hurting a child like this, proof is needed. Proof is needed in every case that goes on trial, and word of mouth or a verbal accusation will almost never hold up.

Undeniable proof lays in the video, and only you, the parent or guardian, can provide that. So, as a favor to your innocent children who are just trying to learn how the world works, please consider the use of a nanny cam so we do not have to hear about your child on the news.

Adam Walls is the owner of 919 Security and offers a wide variety of nanny cams that can be purchased at http://www.all-hidden-cams.com/hidden-cameras.htm

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